Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My friend April does this and found the idea here. I love the idea and am following suit.

Today. This morning at only 7:24 am. I am thankful for the following:

1. The way my son takes a bite of his jelly toast from the middle of the slice, covering his chubby cheeks in grape jelly. Makes me smile every time.

2. Rain! It has rained for three days now. I haven't had to water the lawn, our new grass sprouts, the plants, or the 10 squares of sod in the yard.

3. My husband. He just woke up calling out for our, "Baby Boy!" (- who answered back by running to the bedroom, "Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada, DADA!")

4. Staying home. I may not have fully taken advantage and used every day to it's fullest, but I have tried to not take for granted the fact that I have been able to be a stay at home mom for one year. I am beyond thankful to have had a million hours at home watching my lovebug grow and learn. I didn't think I would have this time and the Lord provided that desire of my heart. My husband supported my dream. I don't know what the future holds, most likely returning to work, but I did have this year.

5. The Racetrack Freefill cup! I don't own one, but my friend Haley does and I got to use hers twice yesterday to get two free Root Beers!

Have a thankful Thursday,

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