Friday, June 25, 2010

14 Month Milestones

Last Saturday Will turned 14 months!  It's funny because I seriously think he changed overnight.  It's like he woke up one morning and decided he was going to be a big boy.  He started so many new things and just seems more like a toddler.  All of a sudden he understands so much more.  When I ask him to bring me his shoes, toys, etc. he knows what I'm saying and will do it.   Here are some updates:

This area has not been good lately.  When he was sick a couple of weeks ago I didn't let him cry to sleep at all.  I laid down with him for every nap and bedtime and then most nights let him sleep with me (on me) because of his coughing.  Anyway, he began waking up every night at like 1:00 am and just screaming his head off.  He would point to the door and want out of the room.  We had to let him cry and it's going better, but I still hear him wake up a couple of times.  Most mornings he still gets up around 6:00.

Still great!  He's such a good eater- maybe too good of an eater.  He will try anything and eats a lot.  Last night he wanted all of the olives off my pizza.  He still asks for crackers and cook-cooks (cookies)  ALL of the time.  He's learned to get into the pantry and bring me whatever he can get his hands on- a box of pasta, bag of rice, etc.  He rubs his little chest (please) and nods his head while saying, "Yeah, yeah." He shoves the food in so frantically though that sometimes I worry he's going to eat his fingers off.
One of his favorites is peanut butter!  He's definitely my boy!

Mostly he just signs please.  Sometimes he'll do 'all done'.  He never does more anymore.  He'll just let us know he wants more by saying "yeah" and signing 'please'.  Pointing isn't really happening, not with just the pointer finger anyway.  He puts his pointer and thumb together and gestures toward what he wants.  I try to not worry about it, but it does bother me.  We're working on that one!

He says about 10-15 words.  Some are very understandable and a couple I only know what he's saying because of what he's doing.  For instance when he says "ta" he's throwing something in the trash, so I know he's saying ''trash".   I'm counting it!  He does a few animal sounds, but not many- cow, duck, puppy, and sometimes a monkey sound
His words:  mama, dada or daddy, Pop Pop, car, ball, cracker, cookie, hi, bye, trash,  quack-quack (for duck), moo,  boo (which is peek-a-boo or boom!), yeah, and uh oh... I can't think of any more, hopefully we'll get a new one today!

New Accomplishments or Tricks as I call them
-Throwing things in the trash for Mama.  I have to be careful with this b/c he likes it so much that he's thrown away things that are not trash.  (my make-up for instance).
-Helping with laundry.  If I give him the clothes, he will throw them in the washer or dryer for me.
- Stacking blocks.  We have some of those big cardboard ones and he's getting better and more interested in it everyday.
-Playing chase.  He likes to chase and loves to be chased.
-Combing his hair.  He actually needs a cut right now, but will comb his hair or at least try to.
-Using a spoon.  We started this a couple months ago and he still prefers his fingers, but he's getting much better.
-Climbing.  He can't get on the couch all by himself yet, but if there is something close he can step on then he'll be up there.
-Pulling, dragging, and lifting.  He is trying to lift and drag all kinds of things are a way too heavy for him.  He gets very frustrated and it's hard not to laugh at him.
-Running.  He's still kind of a clumsy kid sometimes, but he's getting pretty fast.
-Being a comedian.  He's learned to do things that he knows will make us laugh.  At dinner he shakes his head back and forth and then waits for the laughter.

This month also brought some attitude changes.  He's been getting frustrated very easily when he can't do something.  He's also been disobedient at times, doing things we've told him not to do- repeatedly.  We've started doing time out for a minute at a time.  He HATES it.  Impatient- he can hardly wait for his snack, drink, meal without crying and yelling at us. And testing limits- it's actually funny b/c when we tell him "no touch" he will immediately go find five other things to touch and look at us each time.  He's such a stinker.

It's hard not to share every little thing he's doing.  (You're thinking, I'm pretty sure you just did)  We just love him so much and are so proud of him.

Have a good weekend!  The Lentz's will be very busy!

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