Thursday, December 5, 2013

So it's been quite awhile since I've blogged.  But the hiatus is worth breaking to be able to enter this awesome giveaway!  I need to win.  I mean I NEED to win.  I haven't purchased more than a pack of Hanes Her Way underwear for myself in like a year.  I could win a major gift card here!  Pray for me to win ok?  Thank ya!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Pweschool!

Today was Will's first day of preschool!  The night before we picked out clothes, lunch items, had his extra clothes in his back pack, and the nap mat already in the trunk.  We were all excited!

This morning when he got up I said, "Will today is the day you go to school!'  He got this worried look on his face and said, "But I'm not ready..."  I totally thought he was going to back out of this thing, but then he followed it with "I'm not even dressed yet".  

Not only is my sign poorly spray painted, I put the wrong date!!!  What a ding dong!  

Backpack- check
nap mat- check
new school outfit- check
wet, overly gelled hair- check

He walked right in and started playing with things.

 One of his teachers- Mrs. Lisa.  He was still not sure about getting close to her at this point.  At the end of the day he gave her a big hug though!  That's a big deal for Will, he really only hugs people he knows well.
 Little sister was ready to stay and play too!

I took a picture while I watched him through the one way window.  He is the kid furthest left, just playing with some trucks, not caring that we were leaving.  I was so proud and didn't get teary eyed at all!  

When I got home it was time for Liv's nap (around 10) & thankfully that meant I could take one too.  I was up a lot the night before with my back hurting.  I was so pooped & couldn't believe I was getting to just lay down and do nothing.  Not having Will here was so strange today.  I wasted the entire time sleeping basically, but what the heck am I going to do with 5 hours everyday of only one kid?!!?  


Anyway, Will was super excited to see me when I got there and his first response was, "I cried.  I wanted you."  Break my heart!
Apparently at nap time he got pretty upset.  They fake called me in front of him and said I would see him soon.  I guess that calmed him enough to lay down for a bit.  But the saddest thing ever- he told me that he cried in his pillow b/c he didn't want anyone to see him.  After that, I think he was okay.

All in all I think it was a good day for him.  He said he wants to do it again. 

Oh, and his favorite time was recess when he saw Cooper.  

Ok, off to check pinterest for chicken ideas... Happy First Day of Preschool to all you little ones!!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Summer Update

So after a long blogging hiatus and many guilt trips from my parents, I'm updating the blog.

There is just way too much to catch up on, so I'll just do a quick recap while Will is cleaning up a puzzle (weird- I'm sure he'll follow that up by dumping it right back out right in the middle of the floor) and Liv is napping.

I left off last with my poor health.  PRAISE THE LORD I have been feeling better!  I honestly don't know what exactly was wrong with me.  It's the most scared I've ever been about my mind and body.  Both were spinning out of control.  I've dealt with anxiety for a long time, but the health issues really just intensified everything.  I've started taking something for my anxiety.  I feel like such a normal person now!  That's a whole blog post unto it self for sure! I've also been seeing a chiropractor regularly for my back and just overall health.  So those, along with making sure I get sleep, have made me feel like me again.  

We've had such a wonderful summer!  I try really hard not to take a day feeling great for granted.  We've done so many fun things and really enjoyed our time just hanging out at home. (indoors thanks to West Nile!)  I made a Summer Bucket List at the beginning of the summer of all the big and small things I wanted to do.  It just seems like it always gets to the end of summer and I think, "Oh man, we didn't ___ or ____", I wanted to be very intentional about making the best of the season.  There isn't anything major on the list, I'm easy to entertain. 
As you can see, I don't have many items left on my bucket list!  I crossed of camping for obvious reasons- not sure what I was thinking.  We still need to do Pirates Cove, Dallas Farmers' Market,  have a lemonade stand, paint kitchen cabinets, chore chart for Will, and the food truck park.  As far as I'm concerned, summer isn't over until after September.  

Update on the ninos...
Will & Steven got to take a fun ride together on our trip to La Grange

Best Buds- these two are nuts together.  At the first practice, Cooper interrupted the coach to tell him that Will was his best friend.  So cute!

We got a visit from our friend Havanna!

Will is doing great.  He is 3 years and 4 months old.  He's been completely potty trained for awhile now, but occasionally we still have an accident (ie the puddle in the McD's play area... grrrr).  He is playing soccer  & had his first practice last week.  He did great!  I think he's really going to love it.  He is hilarious, goofy, creative, LOVES his Momma like crazy, is becoming a great big brother, and likes helping Daddy work in the garage.  He still is not a good sleeper- talks, walks, cries, yells, rolls, etc.  He is extremely stubborn and can be quite a stinker.  On Tuesday he will be starting preschool as well!  I'm so excited for him!  We met his teachers on Thursday night & I think he's really going to like them.  
Getting into that bday cake!

Playing in the sand at Granbury Beach
Olivia and her pal Violet played in the sand together

Olivia is 13 months now!  We had such a sweet birthday party for her.  She is so adorable and sweet.  We can't get over what a cutie she is.  Will always says, "We love our baby, she's so cute!"  She is walking all over the place and says a few words:  Momma or Mommy, Dada, Hi, bye, baby, puppy, nana (banana), flower, eye, and maybe some others?   She loves Elmo, books, puppies, babies, and eating.  She's a great eater!   She's also a really great sleeper!  At least I made one sleeping kid.  I do predict that she will be a little drama queen though!  I guess that's how little girls go, but just telling her no makes her fall to pieces.  

I will have to do a whole post for each of my babies b/c I just can't do them justice right now.

I'm going to try and be consistent about blogging again... but you know how that goes... there are dishes to do, laundry, kids to play with, and naps to take- you know- the important stuff.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Momma's Takin' A Break!

To say I haven't been feeling well is an understatement.  The past few months have been tough and really taken a toll on my body and the immune system is shot.  In August I had a c-section, recovery, and new baby.  Since Thanksgiving I've experienced

sleep deprivation!
two rounds of mastitis w/ awful flu symptoms
serious back problems leading to physical therapy and
two rounds of chest/back xrays
finding I have mild scoliosis (no biggie)
xray found a small kidney stone
lightheadness, headaches, and blurred vision leading to
one brain MRI to find a cyst in my nasal cavity
and finding I need glasses

on top of it all, I've had some serious stress and anxiety.  Waiting for the brain MRI results was terrible, I just knew there was something seriously wrong and cried for days thinking of my kids without a mom.  I'm crazy, but it is just a really scary thing for a doc to tell you there's reason to get your brain checked out.

and all while taking care of a 2.5 yr old and 5 month old.

AND some dude with tattoos on his face showed up at my door and knew my name.  I had to call 911 when he left b/c I was so freaked out!

Again, to say I haven't been feeling well is an understatement.  I'm so blessed to have a husband and parents who take care of my kids and I when I feel the ship going down.

So the blog is going on the back burner for awhile.  We'll be back soon.  I HOPE!

Stay well,


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pottytraining Is Not for the Weak of Heart

I keep meaning to upload more Christmas pictures and updates on our Christmas activities... but I just can't catch a break around here!

Seriously, between the spit up, baby poop blowouts, and big boy poop problems... all three of us were in tears at some point yesterday.  I was having one of those days that you never tell to people who don't have kids because then they may never have any of their own after hearing your story type of day.

Will is nearly completely potty trained!  That is HUGE!  He can wear underwear at night and naps without an accident.  He made it through a trip to McDonald's and to the Mall without an accident either!  I am so happy... HOWEVER- somehow he has become extremely constipated.  (This will be poop talk- so if you'd rather not read about poop, go ahead and move on)  Anyway- I don't know if he was holding it b/c he just didn't want to poop in the potty or if being on an antibiotic stopped him up or just a result of poor diet lately, but the boy can't poop.  He keeps going little bits here and there, but nothing substantial.  We tried to do this in underwear and were having to wash them constantly.  Then a few times he's been naked and gotten the carpet and couch "dirty".  It also ended up on my jeans and pjs.  Oh, and in the bath.  He can't hold it in, but can't go either.  We started a bit of Miralax yesterday.  PRAYING IT WORKS.

He keeps wanting to sit on the potty, but nothing happens and he says, "I can't poop!   I don't know how!"  Poor guy is so sore and walking funny.  Pray for poop!

Anyone else's kids ever have this problem?

Then you add to that a 4 month old on antibiotics (ear infection) as well...

My house is a "stinking" mess.  In all senses of the word.

Good thing Steven and I get a night out and grandparents get to deal with it!  Pappasitos Christmas party!!!!  If I weren't breastfeeding... margaritas....

I'm pooped!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Months!

My Olivia is 4 months old! 
Well, she turned 4 months on Dec.2.  I'm a little behind.

Her stats were:
16 lb 15 oz - 90th%
26.5inches- 99th%

That's still two pounds lighter than Will was at this age, so to me she's small! 
Actually, my back does not think she's small at all.  Seriously.

This little girl is incredible!  She is such a sweet, sweet little girl.  She is so happy, laid back, and just so squeeze-able.  

She does have her moments of being not happy- when she's hungry or just overtired.  Or if I change her on a hard public restroom changing table- watch out- little sister does NOT like those!

She is so much easier than her brother ever was!  She naps better, eats better, but spits just as much.  This girl spits up high volume and high frequency, but it never really seems to bother her.  We just have a whole lot of laundry- hers and ours!  It's amazing that she's so fat b/c otherwise I wouldn't think she was keeping any milk down at all.

We moved to a four hour "schedule".  Which means I just try to feed her every four hours or so, but no necessarily at the same time every day.  Again, I'd like to be on a consistent schedule, maybe this is the month!  We haven't started rice cereal.  She seems content with what she's getting for now.

She has rolled a few times from tummy to back, but not much.  Tummy time isn't hated as much and she is beginning to try to use her legs to move forward.  That is very frustrating for her though.  She is really good at grabbing toys and holding them in her mouth to gnaw on.  She tries to chew and bite on everything- those little teeth aren't far away!
Standing up is her preferred position these days!  Don't try to cradle hold her- she does not like it and will stiffen her body so that she can stand.

We are obviously done with the picture taking here...
This little elf has also stayed in the church nursery a couple times!  She can thank my hurt back for that.  I just can't hold her the whole time and if she' going to just go to sleep anyway she might as well be in a crib or someone's arms.  I don't worry as much about leaving her like I did with Will b/c she's so much more easy going and is ok with other people holding her.

This month she started spending time in her exersaucer.  She likes being up and looking around at what's going on, but her time in there doesn't last for really long periods b/c it tires her out a bit.  She is really strong and big so sometimes I have to remind myself that she's only four months and her little body still needs rest from this kind of activity. 

She made some new friends this month too! 
Abby & Cooper Pennington
My little pumpkin head- her noggin is as big as theirs!!!

The great thing about babies is that they love you even when Momma's lookin' pretty rough!

She loves her daddy!  I'm hoping she'll be a Daddy's girl for sure!
She had her first trip to Mimi & Pa's this month and did AWESOME in the car ride.

Every day she is more and more fun!  
Will keeps telling me she's getting bigger.  This morning I caught him offering her some of his tortilla!  I had to remind him to NEVER put anything in her mouth and that she only get's Momma's milk.  yikes!

She just continues to bless us more and more each day.  We are so grateful God chose us to take care of her!  This will be such a special Christmas because of our precious girl!

Oh, and her nicknames so far are:
Little Sister
Muffet (Little Miss Muffet)

We love you Muffet!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lentz Christmas Edition 2

I am just not doing a good job posting all I'd like to about Christmas at the Lentz house!  
I have the time, I just don't manage it well.  For instance, right now the baby is sleeping and there is a MOUNTAIN demanding my attention and what am I doing?  Updating the blog.  
I'll add "time management" to my NY Resolution list.

Anyway, here are some Christmastime quick shots.
Me and my two little elves.
Daddy making trips into the attic for Christmas decor.

Will hanging ornaments on the tree.  
Canvas in the kitchen.
A Christmas craft
Our fantastic Nutcracker collection!  We pick out a new one each year and usually get one from my parents.  It has been very difficult for Will to learn these are not toys.
We went to my Dad's work's children's Christmas party.  Liv looked adorable in her little dress!

This pic is out of order... but here is our Conan Baby Jesus from our Nativity.  

Will in his Christmas outfit waiting in line for the absolute biggest and best bounce house I've even seen in my entire life!

The "Wave of Fire" was huge, but not even the BIG ONE. 

Cotton Candy of course!!
Dad works for Southwest, so they brought Santa in on an airplane!!!  And I didn't even get to see it b/c I was sitting in a stairwell nursing the baby.  It was extremely loud though!
Will was so excited!
Grandma and Liv

 This isn't a great picture of my family, but you can see that giant bounce house in the back.  That is all one big bounce house!  It had all kinds of crazy tunnels, ladders, ropes, and a zip line inside of it.  Needless to say Will wanted to go through a million times, but he couldn't by himself so the adults were super tired!
A photo opp station... Let me just ask... Who in the world are they thinking is going to be able to stick their face in the top hole!?  My husband is 6'6" and it's too tall for him!

Ok, I've wasted enough time this morning.  But there are still more pics to share, so check back soon to see what other fun things we've been up to!

Happy Wednesday!