Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Momma's Takin' A Break!

To say I haven't been feeling well is an understatement.  The past few months have been tough and really taken a toll on my body and the immune system is shot.  In August I had a c-section, recovery, and new baby.  Since Thanksgiving I've experienced

sleep deprivation!
two rounds of mastitis w/ awful flu symptoms
serious back problems leading to physical therapy and
two rounds of chest/back xrays
finding I have mild scoliosis (no biggie)
xray found a small kidney stone
lightheadness, headaches, and blurred vision leading to
one brain MRI to find a cyst in my nasal cavity
and finding I need glasses

on top of it all, I've had some serious stress and anxiety.  Waiting for the brain MRI results was terrible, I just knew there was something seriously wrong and cried for days thinking of my kids without a mom.  I'm crazy, but it is just a really scary thing for a doc to tell you there's reason to get your brain checked out.

and all while taking care of a 2.5 yr old and 5 month old.

AND some dude with tattoos on his face showed up at my door and knew my name.  I had to call 911 when he left b/c I was so freaked out!

Again, to say I haven't been feeling well is an understatement.  I'm so blessed to have a husband and parents who take care of my kids and I when I feel the ship going down.

So the blog is going on the back burner for awhile.  We'll be back soon.  I HOPE!

Stay well,



theblans said...

So sorry you've been going through so much and feeling so badly! Don't blame you for letting go of the things that don't matter to take care of yourself for a while. I'm not far away if you ever need anything!

Brighter Sunshine said...

whoa girl, this is A LOT. what the heck with random tattoo guy? did you find anything else about it? that would def freak me out too - will be praying for your rest, health and ultimate rejuvenation!