Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pottytraining Is Not for the Weak of Heart

I keep meaning to upload more Christmas pictures and updates on our Christmas activities... but I just can't catch a break around here!

Seriously, between the spit up, baby poop blowouts, and big boy poop problems... all three of us were in tears at some point yesterday.  I was having one of those days that you never tell to people who don't have kids because then they may never have any of their own after hearing your story type of day.

Will is nearly completely potty trained!  That is HUGE!  He can wear underwear at night and naps without an accident.  He made it through a trip to McDonald's and to the Mall without an accident either!  I am so happy... HOWEVER- somehow he has become extremely constipated.  (This will be poop talk- so if you'd rather not read about poop, go ahead and move on)  Anyway- I don't know if he was holding it b/c he just didn't want to poop in the potty or if being on an antibiotic stopped him up or just a result of poor diet lately, but the boy can't poop.  He keeps going little bits here and there, but nothing substantial.  We tried to do this in underwear and were having to wash them constantly.  Then a few times he's been naked and gotten the carpet and couch "dirty".  It also ended up on my jeans and pjs.  Oh, and in the bath.  He can't hold it in, but can't go either.  We started a bit of Miralax yesterday.  PRAYING IT WORKS.

He keeps wanting to sit on the potty, but nothing happens and he says, "I can't poop!   I don't know how!"  Poor guy is so sore and walking funny.  Pray for poop!

Anyone else's kids ever have this problem?

Then you add to that a 4 month old on antibiotics (ear infection) as well...

My house is a "stinking" mess.  In all senses of the word.

Good thing Steven and I get a night out and grandparents get to deal with it!  Pappasitos Christmas party!!!!  If I weren't breastfeeding... margaritas....

I'm pooped!



Melodie said...

don't judge me BUT...Holden STILL won't poop on the potty. he's 3 and a half! we tried forcing it, but he would just constipate himself. and we went through that several times. it was not fun. if it weren't for this pooping-phobia he has, he could sleep in undies. he definitely naps in undies. but for now we put him in a diaper at night and he poops in it, then we clean him up and change him into a new diaper and he poops first thing in the morning. so he is now a scheduled pooper. so annoying. but i've tried to force it and it just won't work. so i'm just hoping that he'll learn before he has to go to kindergarten. :) so i know that's not helpful. just sharing that we've got issues over here.

Tyler and Shea Moses said...

Anslee was a potty training dream, until it came to pooping. Honestly though, we were dealing crazy constipation prior to training, so I expected it was going to be an issue...and it sure was! It got to the point where I had to buy special treats for every time she did poop in the potty, and mixed in some (not a whole lot) of prune juice with her apple juice. It helped, but it also made it kind of hard to get to the potty in time. Now, she has been potty trained May, and it has worked it self out. I bet you anything it will work itself out for your little man too. You guys are doing GREAT! :) Way to go!!!

and I am sorry its been a rough couple of days for you. prayers that things get better!!

Brighter Sunshine said...

"pray for poop"... that line cracked me up.

hope you are doing well lady!

kristiealison said...
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