Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lentz Christmas Edition 2

I am just not doing a good job posting all I'd like to about Christmas at the Lentz house!  
I have the time, I just don't manage it well.  For instance, right now the baby is sleeping and there is a MOUNTAIN demanding my attention and what am I doing?  Updating the blog.  
I'll add "time management" to my NY Resolution list.

Anyway, here are some Christmastime quick shots.
Me and my two little elves.
Daddy making trips into the attic for Christmas decor.

Will hanging ornaments on the tree.  
Canvas in the kitchen.
A Christmas craft
Our fantastic Nutcracker collection!  We pick out a new one each year and usually get one from my parents.  It has been very difficult for Will to learn these are not toys.
We went to my Dad's work's children's Christmas party.  Liv looked adorable in her little dress!

This pic is out of order... but here is our Conan Baby Jesus from our Nativity.  

Will in his Christmas outfit waiting in line for the absolute biggest and best bounce house I've even seen in my entire life!

The "Wave of Fire" was huge, but not even the BIG ONE. 

Cotton Candy of course!!
Dad works for Southwest, so they brought Santa in on an airplane!!!  And I didn't even get to see it b/c I was sitting in a stairwell nursing the baby.  It was extremely loud though!
Will was so excited!
Grandma and Liv

 This isn't a great picture of my family, but you can see that giant bounce house in the back.  That is all one big bounce house!  It had all kinds of crazy tunnels, ladders, ropes, and a zip line inside of it.  Needless to say Will wanted to go through a million times, but he couldn't by himself so the adults were super tired!
A photo opp station... Let me just ask... Who in the world are they thinking is going to be able to stick their face in the top hole!?  My husband is 6'6" and it's too tall for him!

Ok, I've wasted enough time this morning.  But there are still more pics to share, so check back soon to see what other fun things we've been up to!

Happy Wednesday!

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