Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year!  Steven and I scheduled a 4D ultrasound at a place in Arlington and our families joined us.  Steven's parents came up on Friday night and my parents & grandma met us there on Saturday.  There was a place for everyone to sit in the little room and the picture was projected up onto the wall.  It was amazing to see his face and how much he's changed since we saw it last in December.  It was also frustrating because he would not move his hand away from his face and then at times had his foot in front of his face too!  What a little stinker!  The tech was poking and pushing on my tummy, but he wouldn't move that hand for anything.  She was able to move the "wand" around to different places and got a few shots of his face though.  We have a 15 minute video too, showing him both smiling and yawning.  So precious!  Here are a few pics from the day:
What topped it all off was that afterwards we ate lunch at Abuelo's!  My favorite!

We just love that little guy so much already!  I know we will be blown away at how much that love will intensify once we have him in our arms.  We are also excited about what he's going to teach us and help us about love as well.  11 more weeks!

Monday, February 9, 2009

7 Months Today!

I am 7 months pregnant today!  It's hard to believe- not that it came so fast, just that I can't believe I'm finally in my third trimester.  It seems like it's been forever already and I still have 3 months left.  

This week our little boy should be a little over 2 pounds and about 15 inches long.  According to one website, that's the length of an amusement 
park churro! (mmm... churros are so good)  His little eyes should be blinking this week and he should be getting a little chubbier.  I hope those thighs are fat, I just love fat baby thighs.  

We have an appointment tomorrow.  We will hear the heartbeat, find out the results of my glucose test, and find out how much more weight I've gained.  Oh brother... not looking forward to that.  As of the last appointment, I had gained 17 pounds.  I should gain about 12 more in the last trimester too- at least 12 anyway.  :)

I'm going to highlight my hair tonight.  I tried to go without it, but just can't take it anymore.  It looks terrible.  If we go to Shad and Haley's tonight, I'll have Haley pull it through the cap.  Otherwise Steven will be getting a lesson in highlighting.  

Also, we got some good news today.  Our insurance company came back to look at our roof and instead of just giving us money for half of it, they totaled the whole thing.  Now I guess we won't have to shell out any money for it.  Thank you Lord!

AND.... we just sent in our tax return- we may actually get back a buck or two this year!  Woo hoo!  This is the year we'll need it to,  apparently babies are expensive or something. ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Daddy Tips

Someone emailed me this awhile back, thinking it was vital that I share these tips with my husband.  I've already gone over them with him, the sad thing is there are a couple I don't think he saw anything wrong with.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where to begin...

It's been too long since I've updated and now there's too much and it's too overwhelming.  So here's the rundown... as quick and brief as I can make it.

I am 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant today.  That only leaves 12.5 weeks to go!  It still seems like  a lot of time and I'm sure it's going to just crawl by.  On Monday, I will officially enter the third trimester.  I'll update again with the latest baby stats.

I have been feeling great.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a scare.  I went in for my regular appt and noticed that I was spotting.  Of course I freaked and was crying my eyes out. There is no worse sight or feeling .  They did a sono and said the baby looks fine and that I am overdoing it, on my feet too much, and probably under too much stress at work.  I took the next day off and since then have really been trying to take it easy.  No more problems, things seem to still be going good.  Praise God for our healthy boy!

We have a 4D sono scheduled for Feb. 14th.  I just can't wait to see that little face!  I hope he'll really be moving, kicking, and punching in there.  I'm so excited b/c we'll get to bring a video home.  Something I'm sure will be viewed nightly at our house!

Steven had a crazy migraine this weekend and we missed the Super Bowl!  His hand and tongue went numb, his speech was not coherent, and then he threw up all afternoon.  Not fun at all.  Poor guy.  

We have not made any more updates to the nursery yet.  A few things are in the mail, on their way here.  We will go Saturday - after my gestational diabetes test- to look at fabric.  I'm not really in a hurry, but I guess I should get on the ball b/c everyone keeps telling me that these last weeks just fly by!  Of course, lots of people keep telling me that these last weeks just drag on and on... I guess we'll see.  I hope they whiz by!  

Last of all, for anyone traveling through Burleson on Wilshire- do NOT by any means stop at the Popeye's chicken there next to Pizza Hut.  No chicken.  One pack of ketchup in the entire restaurant.  No clean tables.  Floor covered in food.  Trash cans dripping with ketchup.  Filthy restrooms.  We should have left.  I'm getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.  

Hopefully I'll post again next week with pictures of the growing cannon ball!