Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day this year!  Steven and I scheduled a 4D ultrasound at a place in Arlington and our families joined us.  Steven's parents came up on Friday night and my parents & grandma met us there on Saturday.  There was a place for everyone to sit in the little room and the picture was projected up onto the wall.  It was amazing to see his face and how much he's changed since we saw it last in December.  It was also frustrating because he would not move his hand away from his face and then at times had his foot in front of his face too!  What a little stinker!  The tech was poking and pushing on my tummy, but he wouldn't move that hand for anything.  She was able to move the "wand" around to different places and got a few shots of his face though.  We have a 15 minute video too, showing him both smiling and yawning.  So precious!  Here are a few pics from the day:
What topped it all off was that afterwards we ate lunch at Abuelo's!  My favorite!

We just love that little guy so much already!  I know we will be blown away at how much that love will intensify once we have him in our arms.  We are also excited about what he's going to teach us and help us about love as well.  11 more weeks!

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Hurricane Happenings said...

how exciting!!! and you look great! we can't wait for you all to meet him, you are right..the love you feel now will intensify greatly!