Thursday, October 21, 2010

Be back soon...

Just taking a brief blogging hiatus to recover from our visit from the Stomach Bug and our visit to the ER.  We're having such a wonderful time here at the Lentz house!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogs I Read

I'm still debating the car seat quandary, but in the meantime...

Here are some of the blogs I check daily. Sometimes more than once a day in case there wasn't a new post when I first checked.

She is hilarious and everytime Steven hears me laughing from the other room he asks, "Are you reading Dooce?"

2. Pioneer Woman

Who doesn't check this daily? Funny lady and great recipes!

3. Momversation

I love debates and conversations and hearing the different opinions that people have. This site is about the different opinions that moms have concerning lots of issues we moms deal with everyday. I really enjoy it!

4. Bakerella

Who doesn't love an adorable and delicious cake pop? I have to check often to see what new creations she's come up with.

5. The Purl Bee

This is just one of a million craft sites I like to visit. I love stalking other people's creativity & ideas.

And of course I frequently read the blogs of all my friends listed to the left. Reading blogs has become a new hobby of mine and I probably waste a little too much time doing it.

I love finding new blogs to read, so let me know if there is one you think I'd like!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Car Seat Dilemma

I am in a quandary about what to do with Will's car seat. He is still rear facing. On Tuesday the 19th he will be 18 months. He weighs about 29 pounds and is like 34 inches tall. (maybe, I'm estimating, it's been awhile since I've actually measured).

At his 12 month appt our pediatrician told me that the new standard is to keep kids rear facing until age 2. I have yet to meet one person who still has a baby older than Will rear facing. But I've kept him rear facing b/c I know it's the safest thing. My only reasons for wanting to turn him around are that I think he would like seeing us and might enjoy the car more. Not based on safety.

I've tried to read up on this as much as possible. Scandinavian countries keep their kids rear facing until age 4 or about 55 lbs. They have super low rates of vehicular infant mortality as a result.

So to turn or not to turn...

Reasons Not To
1. Safety

Reasons To Turn
1. He will be able to see us
2. May enjoy the car more (he really doesn't like it much)
3. I can see him better
4. My blind spot will no longer be blocked.

I'm making this more dramatic than it needs to be. It's what I do. It feels like a mom test.

I'll let you know what I decide

Monday, October 11, 2010

Egg Disaster & a Bath

It really was too good to be true... yesterday Will slept until 6:56 (I was in HEAVEN)... today- 5:34.  Excellent.  

Anyway, I rolled myself out of bed, turned on Elmo for Will, and went into the kitchen to figure out breakfast.  I decided to make him some scrambled eggs.  I put two eggs on the counter and thought they were going to be good little eggs and sit still.  They did not.

Good morning to me!  I actually laughed instead of cried.  I'm turning over a new leaf ya know- "too blessed to be depressed"- corny, but so true!

I started over on the eggs and he loved them.  The fork wasn't getting the job done fast enough so he relied on the old faithful method.  Shoving them into his mouth with his hands as quickly as possible.

After playing outside for awhile I gave Will a bath.  Here he is sitting on my bed afterwards.


This afternoon we have our first trick or treating venture with our Mommies' group.  Thankfully it doesn't look like it's going to rain, so it should be a good time.  I'll have pictures of that soon!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Wednesday

It's just a Wednesday.  
We went to Will's Music Together class in Arlington this morning at 10.  He cried quite a bit and was overwhelmed by the situation for the first 15 minutes, but he eventually warmed up and had fun playing instruments and dancing.  It's so frustrating when he's clinging to me, but I have to try to understand it from his point of view and just be patient with him.  As much as I want him to adapt to new places quickly, I have to accept who he is and where he is in his development right now.  We are working on being comfortable in new situations and around new people.  Stranger anxiety is at an all time high, but we'll work through it.  I'm sure someday he'll want nothing to do with me and I'll miss the days of having him hanging on my leg, so I try not to get to worked up about it.

Afterwards we picked up lunch from Chick Fil A and went to Warren Park.  We had a super fun time playing and running and climbing.  He loves climbing all the way to the top of the spiral slide by himself and says, "Did it!" everytime.  I love when he is proud of himself.
He can be quite a stinker sometimes (I hear "No" about a million times a day now), but I can't help being so love with this little face!  
I mean, who could resist that?!

I'm soaking up every moment with my little lovebug!  He's just the best!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome Luke Lain!

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Cody on the birth of their new baby boy- Luke! 
He was born yesterday at 2:41pm.
8 lbs  12 oz
21 inches long
and in the words of his mama, "perfect"

Can't wait to get to know you sweet Luke!  We are so happy you're here!