Monday, October 11, 2010

Egg Disaster & a Bath

It really was too good to be true... yesterday Will slept until 6:56 (I was in HEAVEN)... today- 5:34.  Excellent.  

Anyway, I rolled myself out of bed, turned on Elmo for Will, and went into the kitchen to figure out breakfast.  I decided to make him some scrambled eggs.  I put two eggs on the counter and thought they were going to be good little eggs and sit still.  They did not.

Good morning to me!  I actually laughed instead of cried.  I'm turning over a new leaf ya know- "too blessed to be depressed"- corny, but so true!

I started over on the eggs and he loved them.  The fork wasn't getting the job done fast enough so he relied on the old faithful method.  Shoving them into his mouth with his hands as quickly as possible.

After playing outside for awhile I gave Will a bath.  Here he is sitting on my bed afterwards.


This afternoon we have our first trick or treating venture with our Mommies' group.  Thankfully it doesn't look like it's going to rain, so it should be a good time.  I'll have pictures of that soon!

Happy Monday!


kh123 said...

Hey- I'm not sure if this would work for Will just yet, but we started Kade on it when we got him at age 2.

We have early risers as well (they came from a foster family that lived on a farm) so we used this until they could read the clock. Its a little pricey (you may can find some on amazon) but WORTH it!

Brad April White said...

love him! oh and i love how you despise eggs but are forcing will to eat them... nice....maybe beans will be next

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

I'll look into it. At what age did your boys read a clock?! I can't see Will doing that for like 10 more years!

I didn't know they came from a farm family! Is your adoption story on your blog somewhere? I'd like to read it!

APRIL: Yes, I have to make eggs. and Yes, I have been giving him beans too. Sadly, he loves them. ick

kh123 said...

JD started at 3.5 (he's the studious kind) we taped up the other numbers and taught him that when he saw the '7' he was allowed to get up. Kade wasn't ready for reading his own clock until 4.5. (He cares more about superheroes and toots) :)

Our adoption story has its own blog:
(start with oldest post and work forward)

Jules said...

I LOVE that last photo of him!!!!!!!! Looking right at you with that cute smile! He obviously adores his mommy! (who wouldn't?)