Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just Wednesday

It's just a Wednesday.  
We went to Will's Music Together class in Arlington this morning at 10.  He cried quite a bit and was overwhelmed by the situation for the first 15 minutes, but he eventually warmed up and had fun playing instruments and dancing.  It's so frustrating when he's clinging to me, but I have to try to understand it from his point of view and just be patient with him.  As much as I want him to adapt to new places quickly, I have to accept who he is and where he is in his development right now.  We are working on being comfortable in new situations and around new people.  Stranger anxiety is at an all time high, but we'll work through it.  I'm sure someday he'll want nothing to do with me and I'll miss the days of having him hanging on my leg, so I try not to get to worked up about it.

Afterwards we picked up lunch from Chick Fil A and went to Warren Park.  We had a super fun time playing and running and climbing.  He loves climbing all the way to the top of the spiral slide by himself and says, "Did it!" everytime.  I love when he is proud of himself.
He can be quite a stinker sometimes (I hear "No" about a million times a day now), but I can't help being so love with this little face!  
I mean, who could resist that?!

I'm soaking up every moment with my little lovebug!  He's just the best!

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