Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Car Seat Dilemma

I am in a quandary about what to do with Will's car seat. He is still rear facing. On Tuesday the 19th he will be 18 months. He weighs about 29 pounds and is like 34 inches tall. (maybe, I'm estimating, it's been awhile since I've actually measured).

At his 12 month appt our pediatrician told me that the new standard is to keep kids rear facing until age 2. I have yet to meet one person who still has a baby older than Will rear facing. But I've kept him rear facing b/c I know it's the safest thing. My only reasons for wanting to turn him around are that I think he would like seeing us and might enjoy the car more. Not based on safety.

I've tried to read up on this as much as possible. Scandinavian countries keep their kids rear facing until age 4 or about 55 lbs. They have super low rates of vehicular infant mortality as a result.

So to turn or not to turn...

Reasons Not To
1. Safety

Reasons To Turn
1. He will be able to see us
2. May enjoy the car more (he really doesn't like it much)
3. I can see him better
4. My blind spot will no longer be blocked.

I'm making this more dramatic than it needs to be. It's what I do. It feels like a mom test.

I'll let you know what I decide


Melodie said...

There are plenty of people that keep their kids rear-facing much longer than you. In fact, when I posted about turning Pax forward, people commented in that direction. We just have him in a carseat that is so awkward backwards. Honestly, not sure if it would be much safer if an accident actually happened with our carseat. It just didn't seem very secure turned backwards. Anyways, enough of me defending myself. ;) Go with your gut. Sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks through our guts, right? Ha!

kh123 said...

I could really go either way with this. I agree with Melodie on your gut.

Generally speaking, remember, doctors are human just like us and sometimes they are misinformed, or have a slip of the tongue and say dumb things.

Jules said...

I feel like I have nothing to offer for this topic... I'm just here for the cute pics of you and Will! :)

Amy Mc said...

I recently heard the same thing about the 2 years old thing but I have already had Brinley turned around for a month so I am not sure if I can go back now. I selfishly did it for all your reasons and because it it easier to keep her awake if we are coming home before naptime. I do regret turning her around because she doesn't sleep as well on long car rides because she sees us and wants our attention. Let us know what you decide!

theblans said...

I didn't know about the new standard, so Evie has been forward facing for a few months. I can add a con to your list. He'll be able to see YOU! Which means he'll want YOU and whatever you have. Evie cried for at least the first month that she faced forward because she could see us and didn't know why we weren't holding her, playing with her, etc. She didn't know the difference before. She still fusses way more than she ever did rear facing!

Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

Hmm... things are quite confusing with this topic. My son had to face backward until he was two. But the choice lies on you guys as parents. Choosing the position which you think is safest would be the best.