Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogs I Read

I'm still debating the car seat quandary, but in the meantime...

Here are some of the blogs I check daily. Sometimes more than once a day in case there wasn't a new post when I first checked.

She is hilarious and everytime Steven hears me laughing from the other room he asks, "Are you reading Dooce?"

2. Pioneer Woman

Who doesn't check this daily? Funny lady and great recipes!

3. Momversation

I love debates and conversations and hearing the different opinions that people have. This site is about the different opinions that moms have concerning lots of issues we moms deal with everyday. I really enjoy it!

4. Bakerella

Who doesn't love an adorable and delicious cake pop? I have to check often to see what new creations she's come up with.

5. The Purl Bee

This is just one of a million craft sites I like to visit. I love stalking other people's creativity & ideas.

And of course I frequently read the blogs of all my friends listed to the left. Reading blogs has become a new hobby of mine and I probably waste a little too much time doing it.

I love finding new blogs to read, so let me know if there is one you think I'd like!

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Pinkbirdi Prints said...

lovin' DOOCE! that girl is funny... thx for the suggestion!