Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Months!

My Olivia is 4 months old! 
Well, she turned 4 months on Dec.2.  I'm a little behind.

Her stats were:
16 lb 15 oz - 90th%
26.5inches- 99th%

That's still two pounds lighter than Will was at this age, so to me she's small! 
Actually, my back does not think she's small at all.  Seriously.

This little girl is incredible!  She is such a sweet, sweet little girl.  She is so happy, laid back, and just so squeeze-able.  

She does have her moments of being not happy- when she's hungry or just overtired.  Or if I change her on a hard public restroom changing table- watch out- little sister does NOT like those!

She is so much easier than her brother ever was!  She naps better, eats better, but spits just as much.  This girl spits up high volume and high frequency, but it never really seems to bother her.  We just have a whole lot of laundry- hers and ours!  It's amazing that she's so fat b/c otherwise I wouldn't think she was keeping any milk down at all.

We moved to a four hour "schedule".  Which means I just try to feed her every four hours or so, but no necessarily at the same time every day.  Again, I'd like to be on a consistent schedule, maybe this is the month!  We haven't started rice cereal.  She seems content with what she's getting for now.

She has rolled a few times from tummy to back, but not much.  Tummy time isn't hated as much and she is beginning to try to use her legs to move forward.  That is very frustrating for her though.  She is really good at grabbing toys and holding them in her mouth to gnaw on.  She tries to chew and bite on everything- those little teeth aren't far away!
Standing up is her preferred position these days!  Don't try to cradle hold her- she does not like it and will stiffen her body so that she can stand.

We are obviously done with the picture taking here...
This little elf has also stayed in the church nursery a couple times!  She can thank my hurt back for that.  I just can't hold her the whole time and if she' going to just go to sleep anyway she might as well be in a crib or someone's arms.  I don't worry as much about leaving her like I did with Will b/c she's so much more easy going and is ok with other people holding her.

This month she started spending time in her exersaucer.  She likes being up and looking around at what's going on, but her time in there doesn't last for really long periods b/c it tires her out a bit.  She is really strong and big so sometimes I have to remind myself that she's only four months and her little body still needs rest from this kind of activity. 

She made some new friends this month too! 
Abby & Cooper Pennington
My little pumpkin head- her noggin is as big as theirs!!!

The great thing about babies is that they love you even when Momma's lookin' pretty rough!

She loves her daddy!  I'm hoping she'll be a Daddy's girl for sure!
She had her first trip to Mimi & Pa's this month and did AWESOME in the car ride.

Every day she is more and more fun!  
Will keeps telling me she's getting bigger.  This morning I caught him offering her some of his tortilla!  I had to remind him to NEVER put anything in her mouth and that she only get's Momma's milk.  yikes!

She just continues to bless us more and more each day.  We are so grateful God chose us to take care of her!  This will be such a special Christmas because of our precious girl!

Oh, and her nicknames so far are:
Little Sister
Muffet (Little Miss Muffet)

We love you Muffet!

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