Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lentz Christmas Edition 1

"...It's the most wonderful time of the year!..."
Yes, I was singing that in my head.  We love Christmas here at our house!  The spiritual and the secular aspects.  Although we try very hard to make all of it meaningful, some of it is just plain fun.  I was so lucky to marry someone who gets as giddy as I do about all of it.  We listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, and decorating of course is a family affair. 
Last year we finally upgraded to a 9ft skinny pre-lit tree.  Praise God for those!  Our old one was gigantic, 5ft in diameter at the bottom, and took us like 3 hours to put lights on.  
Our tree is beautiful and so meaningful to us.  Since our honeymoon Steven and I have picked up ornaments everywhere we go.  It's become a tradition to find Christmas ornaments when we go on trips, vacations, or just special places.

Here are some of our special ornaments:

1.  Guitar- I bought it for Steven in Nashville
2.  Elmo- the first ornament Will picked out himself
3.  Mickey & Minnie Wedding-  got on our honeymoon (cheesy.. or should i say "goofy")
4.  Nutcracker- got at Nutcracker ballet at Bass Hall
5.  Tricycle- Will's ornament pick this year (I already had to hot glue it back together)
6.  Pooh Bear- Steven's special ornament from his childhood
7. Sonogram frame-  our first picture of Will we put up when I was pregnant with him
8.  Peas on Earth-  just a favorite!
9.  Fuzzy Santa-  Steven made this when he was little.

*A funny note about Steven's ornaments- HE is the only one allowed to hang them and they must go right in front.  

This is Reggae Santa.
He's huge.
My Dad bought it for us.
He always goes straight to the back of the tree. 
Every time.
Sorry Dad.

This is Olivia's first ornament.  I lights up and I picked it mostly b/c it's shatterproof. 

There are just too many to share!  We love our tree tradition & would love to know if any of you have cherished ornaments as well!

Merry Christmas!

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