Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Pweschool!

Today was Will's first day of preschool!  The night before we picked out clothes, lunch items, had his extra clothes in his back pack, and the nap mat already in the trunk.  We were all excited!

This morning when he got up I said, "Will today is the day you go to school!'  He got this worried look on his face and said, "But I'm not ready..."  I totally thought he was going to back out of this thing, but then he followed it with "I'm not even dressed yet".  

Not only is my sign poorly spray painted, I put the wrong date!!!  What a ding dong!  

Backpack- check
nap mat- check
new school outfit- check
wet, overly gelled hair- check

He walked right in and started playing with things.

 One of his teachers- Mrs. Lisa.  He was still not sure about getting close to her at this point.  At the end of the day he gave her a big hug though!  That's a big deal for Will, he really only hugs people he knows well.
 Little sister was ready to stay and play too!

I took a picture while I watched him through the one way window.  He is the kid furthest left, just playing with some trucks, not caring that we were leaving.  I was so proud and didn't get teary eyed at all!  

When I got home it was time for Liv's nap (around 10) & thankfully that meant I could take one too.  I was up a lot the night before with my back hurting.  I was so pooped & couldn't believe I was getting to just lay down and do nothing.  Not having Will here was so strange today.  I wasted the entire time sleeping basically, but what the heck am I going to do with 5 hours everyday of only one kid?!!?  


Anyway, Will was super excited to see me when I got there and his first response was, "I cried.  I wanted you."  Break my heart!
Apparently at nap time he got pretty upset.  They fake called me in front of him and said I would see him soon.  I guess that calmed him enough to lay down for a bit.  But the saddest thing ever- he told me that he cried in his pillow b/c he didn't want anyone to see him.  After that, I think he was okay.

All in all I think it was a good day for him.  He said he wants to do it again. 

Oh, and his favorite time was recess when he saw Cooper.  

Ok, off to check pinterest for chicken ideas... Happy First Day of Preschool to all you little ones!!


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