Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bachelorette Review

So I've missed a couple weeks of my Bachelorette review.  I have been watching of course.  Of course.  Anyway, I thought last night was a good episode.  Ali seems to be making good decisions.  I'm happy with the guys she has left.

THANK YOU to Ali for sending home Kacey.  He became too creepy and if I felt my eyes automatically roll every time he mentioned wanting to wear his heart on his sleeve, wanting to be a man for her, or wanting to "protect and guard her heart".  Heeby jeebies.

Justin needs to go next.  It's just a competition for him and he's super cheesy.  Also, the previews for next week showed Ali getting a call about one of the guys having a girlfriend- I'm pretty sure it's him.

The other guy she sent home was a good choice too.  I only know him as "the other guy" b/c he was not even really on the show.  Too quiet and timid.  Probably a sweet guy, but not much of a personality.  If someone asks you how you like to be silly and crazy and you reply, "I like Mexican food"- you need to get out more.

To go home next:  Chris L and Craig.

My prediction for the final four:  Frank, Kirk, Roberto, and Ty.

Final three:  Frank, Kirk, Roberto

Final two: Frank & Roberto or Kirk or Roberto... Can't make up my mind.

I know this post solidifies my standing as a complete nerd.  I okay with that.


Amy Mc said...

Shout out. We have been out of town so I am just now catching up on my DVRed episodes. I seriously can't handle all the singing going on this season! SO many things have made me really embarrassed. I love Roberto and hope he wins. If you haven't ever read it before, I love this blog called ihategreenbeans.com where she does a recap each week. It's really funny and I know you would like it too.

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Oh thanks! I will definitely look into it!