Monday, June 7, 2010

We're alive!

I'm coming out of my very short blogging hiatus. Will got sick and that makes us all very tired around here. A lot of kids sleep more when they're tired- not necessarily mine. He is tired, but he fights it harder when he's sick. I noticed him not feeling well on Tuesday morning and ended up taking him in on Wednesday. He had an ear infection, a slight sinus infection, and croup. Yuck! He was such a miserable little guy for a few days. That croup cough just kept waking him up every time he finally fell asleep. So for three nights I let him sleep with me. I also wanted to keep an I eye on him. I don't get much sleep at all when he sleeps with me- he rolls, tugs, grabs, and then every time he'd cough & wake up he would then immediately try to stand up and fight me to get off the bed. Needless to say I'm glad he's back in his own bed again.

I've been trying to keep him a bit sequestered b/c I doubt other moms would appreciate us spreading croup! He's doing much better, so we may try to meet some friends this week. We're going a bit stir crazy in here.

Anyway, here's a sad little video of my pitiful little guy the other day. You can just see it in his red eyes how miserable he was.

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the peterson family said...

so sorry to hear he was sick...that video made me so sad for him. Hope he's getting better quick!!