Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Diego in our future

In July Steven and I are taking a trip to San Diego to visit my brother Jason and his wife Johanna.  Steven and I are super excited b/c neither of us has been to California before.  We've booked flights- I can't back out again.  The only thing that makes me nervous about the trip is the tiny gremlin tearing up tissue paper in my living room right now.  How are we going to survive a three hour flight with this kid?  I know we'll be fine, he will be fine, but I'm sorry for the peeps around us.  

Oh, now he's kicking blocks and shaking a maraca. 
picture stolen from
If any of you moms out there in blog land have tips for flying with rambunctious toddlers I'd be happy to hear them!

... rolling on the floor... no, running into the kitchen putting magnet letters on the fridge... back to the living room... did he sit in grape jelly?


Also- is anyone else seeing all the amazing updates blogger has added?!   Love this!  The new picture uploading system is so much better!  Now, if they'd get some better fonts and let us arrange the pictures it will be even better!


Jules said...

Don't worry too much about the flight, I bet it will be ok! My co-worker just took her 6 month old to Hawaii, can you imagine that long? It will be so worth it once you get there!!! Have fun!

Melodie said...

hey, been reading in occassionally. so we flew to florida last year with holden when he was just shy of 15 months. now H is a busy fella. always has been. 3 words: books, snacks, paci. and he did great on the plane. as for the airport (during layovers), i remember a few meltdowns. on friday we will be making a 12-hour drive (one-way)for our vacay. consider yourself lucky! :)