Monday, July 12, 2010

Yer Killin' Me Kid

Those words have been my sentiments to my son the past two nights. We have our first molars coming in. And by we, I mean Will. That would be weird if my molars were just now coming in. Weird and sad. I couldn't have eaten steak, and I love steak. mmm.

Anyway, back to molars. Teething=pain= crying= no sleep for baby= no sleep for momma= cranky for everyone (and also= weird blog posts like this one). Hopefully these things will pop on through and we can get back to normal. Until the next set decides to push through anyway. Can't wait! Until then we will stumble through the day on a few hours of sleep and steal naps whenever possible.

We have a crazy busy week ahead. Today I'm babysitting a 2 year old and a 5 year old for a friend. It's quite funny. Will is learning the consequences of taking a friend's toy or snack and that if you push someone, you get pushed back. Good lessons to learn.

I'm meeting with some college friends this week. I've got church stuff, kid stuff, a marriage conference (which will be great & we are staying in a hotel- I LOVE staying in hotels!), and a week of vacation to plan and pack for.

Plus, we have been making more trips to Keller and Grapevine to visit my Grandma, who's not doing too good.

Here are a few pics of my kid from the past couple of days. Just because I like to look at him and want others to too!

Have a restful Tuesday, (wait it's only Monday, I need a nap)


Brad April White said...

i love the new blog!!!

Uncle Bubs said...

Bubs love my Nephew's shirt! NICE! GO AHEAD PUNK, make my day!

Anonymous said...

Bubs - Love my Nephew's shirt! Ole Clint E. Go ahead punk, make my day!