Friday, July 30, 2010

Heart Broken Neck

This title is meant to be read like one of those "before and after" phrases you see on Wheel of Fortune- Heart Broken- Broken Neck.  Strange I know, but this little story is a bit strange.

To begin, Will has been having lots of trouble again falling asleep in his crib (not to mention staying asleep).  Today he has done great, he fell asleep without crying in his crib.  Not alone though, I was sitting in the glider so he could keep an eye on me and know that I wasn't going to leave him.  Once he fell asleep, I left to shower and dry my hair and then had a thought:  Will is probably going to wake soon.  Wouldn't it be nice for him to wake up and see me there?  Still waiting, and have him think that I didn't leave him.  Wouldn't that be so comforting for him to wake up to?  

I thought so.  So I got my book that I'm reading, Eat Pray Love, and returned to the glider.  I'm reading about the author's struggle with the idea of mortality and how deeply affected she is by the idea of how fast time passes and how short our time here is.  As I read this, I begin feeling the same way.  My Grandma just passed, my Grandfather just passed (well a few months ago), and I'm looking at my beautiful sleeping son thinking, "God, please let me live in the moment today and appreciate all I have been given.  Help me to realize how precious today is and the time is that I have with my son and husband and not take a minute for granted."  

That's when "BANG!" - something nails the window hard.  Really loud too.  My first reaction was, "What the heck was that!?" followed by, "Oh please don't have ruined this nap & and have woken up my kid".  Amazingly he didn't even twitch, which is crazy considering sometimes just the pop of my ankle as I walk down the hall will wake him.  

Anyway, I look out the window to see who threw something and see a dove on the ground, struggling to move.  I run to grab some gloves and a towel, because if you know me at all, you know that I love animals so much that I would try to save a dirty pigeon on the side of the road- oh wait, I have done that.  so ANYWAY again, I go out and the poor thing is already dead.  Blood on its beak & a broken neck.  

Strange that as I'm reading about death and mortality, a bird makes a fatal error in judgement and dies in front of my eyes.  My little animal loving heart is hurt and I actually shed a tear for this thing.  I mean it's a dove- a Love Bird.  

I then thank the Lord for reminding me how short this life is and how quickly it can end.  How important it is to let others know how much you love them and show it as often as possible.  I am blessed and loved and not willing to let the opportunity pass on sharing how God opened my heart today.  

Say I love you today.  Lots.  With lots of kisses.


kh123 said...

This reminded me of the time that I said a prayer over one of your animals as we released it into the HSU pond. :) You are so compassionate!!!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

I think it was for my hermit crab, Harold. I'm such a weirdo. (and I'm pretty sure it died from the fumes of the nail polish I painted its shell with- oops)