Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I've been quite the blogging slacker lately.  We've been a little busy, but mostly just enjoying life.  The blog can be very time consuming for me sometimes, but blogger seems to have made uploading pics much faster.  So maybe I'll be better.  Or maybe I won't. 
Either way, here is a quick recap of our wonderful Fourth of July weekend.  These pics loaded completely backwards, which drives me crazy!  The first pics happened first and the first ones happened last... you get the idea.  
We watched fireworks Sunday night in Burleson on the Hidden Creek golf course.  Our view was great!  Before hand some kids were running around with sparklers and Will was really bright eyed about it all.  He kept saying, "hot, hot".  That's why he's not smiling in any of these pics, he is in complete awe.

 A lady down the street from my parents sold them this play gym.  I have been looking for one of these & am so excited Will can play on one in our own backyard now.  
 We spent Friday and Saturday in Belton with Steven's parents and Brother & his fam.  Will got to play on this amazing water slide and really loved it.  We were lucky that it stopped raining for a little bit so the kids could swim.  

 Will was really brave & rode down the slide with his cousin Kaden.  (I've got a great video of him going down the slide alone, but I'll have to load that later)

 Look at that belly!
 His eyes are closed here, but it's the best pic I got of his great Toy Story pj's.  We call him Sheriff Woody when he wears these.  
 Being silly.  He must have closed this door and opened it like 20 times.  
 Steven and our sweet nephew Brandon.
 This pic took some work.  This is actually the "finished product".  
Here's how it started.  Not a happy boy.  It was nap time.  I think it's always nap time. 

This is the secret baby holder we had for the final shot.  Such a nerd.  

All tuckered out.  

Later today I will try to upload some videos I have.  I've got loads of laundry to fold and am trying my hand at making homemade Naan bread today.  Wish me luck!  (For my family's sake- Naan pizzas are for dinner!)

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