Saturday, May 8, 2010

Warning about Pampers Dry Max

This is a personal, Lentz family, testimony. Now it may just be coincidence, but we started using the new Pampers Dry Max diapers and Will got the most horrible diaper rash. He hasn't had diaper rash since we brought him home from the hospital! It's everywhere, puffy, red and so painful he screams. Poor baby, I know it must burn. Anyway, I know there are a lot of stories in the news about moms claiming these diapers caused a chemical type burn on their babies.

We aren't using them anymore just in case.

I love that little butt too much.

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Tyler and Shea Moses said...

oh no!!! Poor little man, I can imagine how uncomfortable he must be :( I am glad you did this post. We have never had a diaper rash, and have been using Pampers Dry Max and had no problems at all. I think I may switch though, just in case!!