Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bachelorette

This is embarrassing, but I have to confess that I am a sucker for the Bachelor/ Bachelorette shows. I know! Ridiculous! Anyway, I just finished watching last night's show. I wrote down names and notes (I'm weird) when the guys were getting out of the limo.

First of all, let me just say I was NOT a fan of Ali on the Bachelor. I thought she was petty and caddy. That said, I still like to predict who'll she'll end up with.

Here are the names of guys I picked from the beginning:
Chris H (the first one out)
Casey (I think he's hearing impaired, and if not I'm sorry)
Roberto (spoke Spanish to her & salsa danced)
Jonathan (he's funny & I'm a sucker for a comedian, although he's a bit much)

I'm proud (well maybe not proud) to say all of my picks received roses and Roberto got the first impression rose.

These guys were ding-a-lings: Tyler (boots), Scrapbook Kirk, "Shooter", Hair Craig

I definitely think one of my top four will make it to end. We'll see.

Anyone else out there brave enough to admit you watch?


Amy Mc said...

I too am ashamed to say I watch the Bachelor. I am going with Roberto right now. It's gonna take all I have not to read the spoilers though!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

I never read those things, but when I do hear something I usually don't believe it. For instance, I just couldn't believe that Jake would end up with Vienna (or the sausage as I called her), but lo and behold... Staged or not, I eat that stuff up!

wholarmor said...

Hi. I found your blog doing a search to find out if Kasey has a hearing impairment. Still haven't found anything.

I will join you in the ashamed to say that I watch the Bachelor/ette club. My husband doesn't understand it, but my girlfriends and I have a fun time picking it apart. The last few seasons I have enjoyed finding the spoilers that Reality Steve gives, and watching it all unfold.

Anywho, I browsed your other posts, and you have some cute kids. Glad to see you extended rear facing your boy like I did with mine(he just hit the 35 lb mark at 3, and I finally turned him around).

God bless!