Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week

Where did this week go? It's already Thursday and I feel like I've got nothing to show for this week. Each day we do one major "activity" and the rest of the day we stick around the house. Monday we went grocery shopping, that is considered a major activity now with the tot. Tuesday we met Jen and Havanna at the zoo. Wednesday we went to the park, got a pool from Walmart, and went to church. Today we went to the mall to make an exchange, had lunch, and played in the mall play place. Just living.

There was one shattered lens and two busted faces this week. The lens is from our nice new camera. Who knows what happened, but when Steven took the lens cap off glass shards just poured out. GREAT! One busted face is the one on Steven's watch. Will threw it on the floor. The other busted face is Will's. He face planted on the driveway. Busted lip, bloody mouth- today he has scabs on his chin, lip, and nose. Nice.

Tonight I'm cooking dinner, Steven is playing basketball, and I'm packing up Will's overnight bag. Tomorrow he's going to spend the night with my Mom and Dad so Steven and I can celebrate his birthday. Saturday Steven is turning 30! Old man!

Anyway, here are a couple pics from this week. I don't have many since the camera is broken.
Before we got the pool I let Will play with the hose and a big bowl of water. It was really hot that day and he loves splashing in water.
Will and Havanna ready to go to the zoo!
So I know this is very inappropriate, but I didn't know turtles did this.
The zoo is very educational.
Also, there were monks there! I was a little too excited about seeing them. You just don't see that everyday.
Will is eating his first watermelon. He really liked it. He has a fat lip in this pic, but you can't really tell. It looks much worse today.
First watermelon of the summer!

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