Saturday, May 15, 2010

Road Trip, Baseball, & Trailer Fun

So yesterday morning we made a quick trip to Belton. Steven's parents' house has been undergoing renovations so we haven't been able to make it down in awhile. On Friday we just hung out around the house. They got a crib in the guest room now and I am happy to say that will slept pretty well! Usually we have a rough time figuring out how to get him to sleep, but we actually caught some z's last night.

Today we went to Kyler and Brandon's baseball game. Will was really interested for a little while and watched everything going on in the game. But then he snapped out of it and wanted down to go play. We sure hope he's a big fan of baseball when he gets older!

We got Will a new hat and as long as it's backwards he'll keep it on. Such a funny little guy. And super cute too if I don't say so myself.

We spent some time playing in one of Pa's trailers. And by some time I mean a LONG time. He loves walking in trailers and in the back of pickups. Oh I love that chubby belly.

Just like Daddy

Will played piano with Daddy too on Friday night. Well he didn't really want his Daddy to play and kept pushing his hands off.

We had a great trip and can't wait to see Mimi and Pa again soon!

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the peterson family said...

Thanks for sharing Will's life...I enjoy about your family! He's a cutie!