Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random pics

We haven't done a whole lot in the past few days. Mostly just the usual baby things- eat, play, sleep.. or at least try very hard to. Also, I haven't been able to get many pictures of this boy smiling lately. Once he sees the camera, the smile is gone and the eyes are big! It's so frustrating b/c he's really started smiling all the time now and is usually very happy, but when the camera comes out and flashes- he is just amazed- or very confused. Either way, I get the funniest looks from him.

I just now realized that he only has clothes on in one of these pictures. Thank goodness it's warm enough to go around in a diaper all day. With the way he soaks clothes, we were changing outfits a million times!
Mommy must have said something very funny here. It's just two chins, for now.
If you've never seen a baby comb-over, look no further.
These are the eyes I get almost every time he sees the camera now.
So sweet. Holding his bear, trying to take a nap.
We are doing so much better with tummy time! It doesn't take long for him to spit up and then rub his face in it and then get mad though. Look at the rolls on his arms! Those are State Puff Marshmallow arms!

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