Sunday, July 26, 2009

Milk and Sleep

First of all, thank you to all of my friends who commented, emailed, or called to offer advice and encouragement. Breastfeeding has definitely been one of the hardest things I've ever done. I started out truly disliking it and then found myself so upset last week when I thought I might be done.

All that being said, I increased my water intake, my calories eaten, and started pumping an hour after each feeding. I also set my alarm each night to wake up and try to pump while Will was sleeping. Let me just tell you that it kicked back in- with a vengeance! Good grief I think it took me like 10 minutes to pump 10 ounces this weekend. I was at a wedding and had to pump b/c it just wouldn't stop coming! I am very thankful! I was able to make enough to send with Will to my parents' house Friday night and I also have a good store of it in the freezer now. (I'm so sorry for anyone reading this who does not find breast milk fascinating!) The downside is that it can be quite uncomfortable. Nursing mothers know what I'm talking about.

I bought some formula to have on hand too just in case we have any problems again. I am not against formula and will supplement if I have to, I just worry about his little tummy.

Funny milk story: On Friday morning, Steven was going to make some waffles. He got everything out and made a comment about the milk maybe being bad. (Remember that I am not drinking regular milk, but using Rice Dream milk.) Anyway, I told him to just use my milk. He gave me a weird look, so I just said, "Ok, it's not that bad though" and walked off. 5 minutes later he came into the bedroom and said he had just realized that I was not talking about my breast milk! Too funny!

Sleep: Will has started to sleep much better!! He has been taking 45 minute naps still, but has been having longer naps that last anywhere between 1-3 hours! I have found that if I lay him down about 50 minutes after getting him up, he goes down much easier. If I keep him up too long- LOOK OUT! He is ticked when you try to put him down! He fights it so hard, kicking, arching his back, crying, and clawing at whatever his hand hits mid-swing. I'm a little worried I have a fit thrower on my hands.

Here's a couple cute pics from this week:


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steven, you are too old for that. share your toys!

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