Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 months old!

Hooray! Today is Will's 3 month birthday! Of course, it looks like it should be his 6 month birthday... Anyway, we took a few pics to document this milestone. We are just so in love with this boy.

Also, Steven's parents came to visit this weekend. We cooked them dinner to celebrate their 40th anniversary, which is also today! Will just loves his Mimi and Pa!

Last of all, I am just completely at a loss with what to do about Will's spitting up. It is so much- all the time! The doctor always says it's not as much as I think it is, but I know it's as much as I think it is. I'm not worried about him not gaining weight, obviously the boy is getting food. But it has to be uncomfortable for him. Plus, we are both always wet with spit up. Not fun. I've gone mostly dairy free, but have been advised by a friend that maybe I need to do it completely. Which means I can't have regular bread or just about anything easy and cheap. Oh I miss milk... So we'll see what I can figure out this week.

Steven thinks he's looking pretty rough in this pic, but Will smiling at his daddy is too cute!

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Katie & Christopher Stockwell said...

I can't believe he's three months! Where has the time gone?! :)

The first pictures of Will made me laugh...he's too cute!