Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunny Day!

So it's another beautiful, sunny day! I wanted to try and get a good 11 month shot of Will. It didn't really happen. I mean, I got some cute shots, but he is just so busy looking at everything but me when we are outside. And he doesn't smile. At least not when I want him to. Actually he hasn't been feeling very well today. I'm pretty sure it's teething. He's been very fussy, clingy. DROOLY (like a faucet!), and he had a 101.6 fever. Now yesterday I found two new teeth on the bottom that have broken through. That will make a total of 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top. I don't think he's really sick, but I'm going to keep my eye on him.

Anyway, we went into the yard- which is not a pretty place to take a picture, but it's what we've got. Plus, I didn't have to change into "presentable" clothes to just go into the yard.
My neighbors had this pot hiding in their bushes so I pulled it out and propped Will up next to it. Again, my mistake- just one more thing that's more interesting than looking at Mom.
Here he is , being nosy and spying on the neighbors through the fence
Yay, summertime = barefeet!
Picking "flowers"

Then we came back in the house. Lazy me just laid my cereal bowl on the end table instead of taking it to the sink. Will taught me a lesson about that. Thank you, son. I'll do better from now on.

He just went down for a nap, so I have a few minutes to upload these pics and Dr. Phil is on. The topic is about moms and leisure time. There is some study that was done- it says that moms have about 30-40 hours a week of "leisure time". Boy, these moms are ticked! Tell em girls. I may have some more to say about this too. Arrrgh


Jules said...

Ha! I LOVE the one where he is peeking through the fence!!! Sooo funny! :)

Amy Mc said...

love your new header- did you make it on scrapblog? cute pics in the pot, even though he wasn't fully cooperating :0)