Monday, April 5, 2010

EASTER! Too many pictures

We have been some picture taking fools the past couple of days. There are just way too many great ones, it was really hard for me to choose which ones to post. If blogger were quicker at loading photos, there would probably be more. Plus, these are just the ones from one of our cameras. I have more to load later from our other one. (Those ones have him opening his basket from his Mimi).

Anyway, Will's first Easter was wonderful. The week before- not so wonderful. In my last post I mentioned that he had a fever and I just thought it was teething. Well- it was not teething. His fever got really high and we ended up taking him in. Two doctor visits, two rounds of blood work, two urine tests, and two 104.3 fevers later - we have recovered from what they suspected to be some sort of bacterial infection- probably upper respiratory. He was just so miserable and I was too. The nurses and doctor were worried about him, which of course made me a nervous wreck. Thank you Lord that he is feeling better. Nothing worse than a sick baby!
Riding in our little police car. It's so much fun! Hopefully he'll drive like his Mommy. ;)
Uncle Jason skyped in for a quick visit.
Goofy rascal. Chubby too.
Look quick! Standing all alone and not looking for someone to grab.
Steven's eyes are closed and Will's not looking, plus my Dad had to take the picture b/c we couldn't figure out the automatic timer. Oh well, at least the girls look great!
Exploring Grandma's flowers. (or destroying them)

My sweet lovebug
This is the Easter bucket I made for him.
These ears must be really funny!
LOOK HOW CUTE! Such a little man. I know he's mine, but I can't help thinking he's the cutest little thing ever!
His Easter lunch. Ham, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, and green beans- it looks like a lot, but I promise, most of it always ends up in his lap.
This is from our church egg hunt. This would have been an awesome picture if that lady's butt wasn't in the way! Anyone with Photoshop want to take her out?
Putting the eggs in his bucket.

Will's loot. We did let him eat one chocolate egg. Yes, he cried when I said "all done".
Will and Cooper

I wish I could post every single picture I took, at least for the grandparents. I can't believe we are going to have a one year old in about two weeks. Crazy!

Here's an exciting update: Will now says four words. Not consistently, but occasionally.
Ball (Ba)- he says it ALL the time. We have a Sesame Street video where a giant meatball is rolling around and he says, "Ball, ball" everytime he sees it. So great.
Car (Cah)- when he gets his matchbox cars
Bye Bye (Ba ba)- we know it's bye b/c he says it while waving at the door
Cracker (Cah Cuh)- says it when he's eating one, not to ask for one. We're working on that.

I should have another post soon with a couple more Easter pics. He's napping now so I should get off this thing and get some work done. After I return a couple emails, read that article on the yahoo page about Kate Gosselin on DWTS,...

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