Monday, April 19, 2010

One Year Old & First Birthday Party!

Today my love bug is one year old! I have a one year old! That is so strange to say. He's taking a nap right now, so I'll post as much as I can before he wakes up. His party was on Saturday. Of course the night before he started not feeling well. The drool was literally pouring out and his nose was stuffy- so I think it was a combo of teething and a cold. I was worried he'd wake up sick and not be able to party, but he was great and in a super mood. Everything went off without a hitch and I had so much fun. I'm pretty sure he did too. I've been working on this thing for awhile now. It was Cookie Monster Theme. He doesn't especially like Cookie Monster or anything, I just thought it would be so cute. And it was. So cute! The only sad thing is that I didn't really get many good pictures. I was so busy with the party that I wasn't really thinking about pictures.

Here is what I got though:
We tried to take a 12 month pic, but this is all I got. We'll try again later. (Uncle Jason, this is the really cool Batman t-shirt you sent us)
Dining room table ready for little partiers.
Cookie Monster cupcakes- I planned on making these myself, but it was one of the things I just had to let go of and purchase pre-made. I don't have anything against pre-made things, I just take a lot of pride on making things myself. The white ones are just MONSTER cupcakes from Costco. Seriously- they were huge! Like 3 cupcakes in one.
Cookie Monster cups. I was so excited to find these little straw cups b/c the little ones can't do real cups yet. I added the eyes and mouth of course.
His cake topper. It's not the greatest, but it was my first time to work with gum paste. It was about 4 inches tall. The first thing Will did when we gave him the cake was pop Cookie Monster's eye off.
Cake and tower of cookies. Mmmm.. there was also a fruit tray here. I must have taken the picture before it was put out.
Will's cake. Definitely has that homemade look. I'm no Bakerella.
Cookie Monster cake pops were favors. I didn't put as much work into them as Bakerella does, but I was happy with them. The little tag read, "Will's party was brought to you by the letter W and the number 1".
Party favor frames. I'm going to mail them a picture we took of the little kids together.
My Grandma. Will's Nana. We love -love- love her.
I bought this great onesie at Target and added the one and name to the back.
"I'm the Birthday Boy!"
"Happy Birthday Will" sign I made for the door.
Here is a shot of him tasting the cake. I put an old shirt on him so the blue frosting wouldn't ruin his birthday shirt. THAT was a good decision.
He really didn't eat that much. I think it was too much for him, although he did enjoy the few bites he had. He was very serious about it. Cake is serious.
Opening presents. Will got so many great things for his birthday. I am planning on doing a post on his gifts. Thank you to everyone!
Grandma and Pop Pop got him this little bike. He really loves it. We've had to ride it around the house though b/c it's been raining here since Friday night. yuck!
Will and both sets of grandparents. He is one lucky little boy!
Will walking around the house with his Pa.
Presents from Steven and I. I'll post about this later.

There are so many exciting things to share, but my blogging time is up. Hopefully I can hop back on tonight and finish up.


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Jules said...

I'm finally getting over here to comment on this, but I couldn't let is slide because this is the coolest kid birthday party ever!!! So fun! I love all the cookie monster decor! Will def has an awesome mommy to made his 1st bday so special!
P.S. I want a cake pop!