Saturday, March 20, 2010

11 Months

Yesterday Will turned 11 months! In a month he will be a year old! Now that sounds crazy! It's funny b/c one year olds always seemed older than I think Will is. He's still such a baby to me. Things are really changing around here.

The biggest news in the past few days is that he has started to WALK! Not all the time, and sometimes we have to make him, but once he's balanced he can walk across the room all by himself. He kind of collapses into your arms once he reaches you though. He is still cruising around all the furniture and rarely falls anymore- thank you Lord. I know walking will bring its own round of bumps and bruises, but hopefully less. The cool thing was that we had my brother on Skype and he got to see it too, plus my parents were there for Dad's birthday.

As far as talking goes, things are coming along- but very s l o w l y. Still no mama or dada, well maybe an occasional "ma" on accident. He tries to say "ball" which comes out as "ba" or "bow". He says it every time he sees one of his balls in the house and started saying it over and over at the Botanic Gardens. I looked up and saw a dad kicking a football to his boys and got so excited that Will recognized a ball out in the real world! Small victories! He also tries to say hi by saying "Ha" when he holds things up to his ear or waves.

Lately his moods have changed too. We are blaming the grumpiness on the teething. His fifth tooth poked through and I think more are on the way b/c the drool is pouring out like a faucet. He has been extra sweet as of late too. He will just come over to us, climb in our laps, and lay his head on our shoulder. He is also giving us kisses all by himself. I just melt every time.

Eating is still going great. We are still doing some baby foods for convenience sake, but he pretty much eats what we eat. Last night we had CiCi's and he enjoyed a breadstick and pieces of pizza. (So healthy right?) He goes crazy when we give him a plum and will just hug it to his chest and grin. The only thing he doesn't care for much is potatoes.

I'm still nursing him once a day, first thing in the morning. He gets formula two or three times- usually two, but it just depends on the day. This month I plan on getting him onto milk.

His favorite things right now are:
-dancing (head bobbing)
-throwing things
-pulling open drawers
-pulling EVERYTHING out of the drawers
-playing outside
-riding in his wagon
-taking away Dex's toys
-peek a boo
-picking leaves, flowers, and grass

I know I'm forgetting so many things. We are having so much fun watching this boy grow up and learn about his world. I can't wait to see what this next month will hold. One thing I know is that it will be filled with party planning! I have already been working on his first birthday party. Even if it were just the three of us there, we'd go all out celebrating surviving one year as a new family!

Here are a few pics and a short video. Enjoy!
New baseball socks from Grandma, aren't they the cutest?
That's such a goofy smile, but it really is the best we could get. There is almost no way to keep this kid sitting here.

Pulling a picture off the wall
Mom and Dad on his 51st birthday
Will and Grandma

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