Friday, February 12, 2010

My Pee Paw

Charles Malcolm Weltzin

On Wednesday evening, my Pee Paw passed away. He was surrounded by many who loved him, so he was not alone when the time came to move on. He is remembered for being an honorable patriot, devoted and faithful husband, adoring father, and doting grandfather and great-grandfather.

He is already so greatly missed. Please pray for my family as we grieve and deal with this loss.

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Dad said...

Thank you sweetie for remembering PeePaw on your family site. I would just like to express my deepest appreciation for the love Steven put into PeePaw's service. I have talked to MeeMaw and Aunt Kathy, Cheryl and Jenny we all feel extremely lucky and blessed to have Steven in the family and could have not asked for a more personal heart felt service than the one he provided. PeePaw would have been so proud of him and the patriotic ceremony he had. I will miss him beyond belief and still have a hard time speaking about him without tearing up. I have never not a father I couldn't pick up the phone and call just to hear his voice. But I have you guys and Will and Mom and Jason and Johanna and a dozen more to support each other. Again, thank you Steven and we all love you all.