Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Unfortunately I don't have any photos to post. Well I have some on my camera, but I'd have to get up... etc. So for now, no pics.

Anyway, this was a super busy weekend! I started on Friday getting ready for a night away from my home and my boy. It's a lot work getting everything all laid out for someone to come in and take care of your baby. Of course the teacher in me wants to write a detailed sub plan. My parents came over to watch Will while I went to a baby shower/dinner and Steven went to a conference.

The shower was for my good friend April, who is about 35 weeks along. So exciting! I can't wait to meet that baby girl. There were just five of us, all friends from Hardin Simmons- Elizabeth, Krystle, Melissa, April, and me. The evening was so wonderful because April is pregnant, it was Krystle's birthday, and one of the girls announced (unintentionally) that she is expecting. I won't say which friend in case she's not ready for a world broadcast. I just love these girls like sisters and wish I got to hang out with them more. I didn't get home until midnight, which if you know me, is super late!

Saturday I helped host another baby shower at church. It turned out great and the Craveys got lots of nice things. Luckily my parents were around and watched Will for us again! I am so thankful they are close!

Today we had church (where my son cried less in the nursery- he still cried, but not the whole time today!), a play date, and then straight to a dinner date. Will passed out as soon as we got home and is sleeping soundly as I type. Lovely.

Tomorrow I am subbing for a friend of mine from church. 5th grade. Yikes! I've subbed for her before though and had a really good time. It's neat b/c I know a lot of her kids from when they were second graders at my school three years ago. It will be nice to be in a classroom again, but I will miss the tot. Mom is coming in the morning. I'm sure he'll be having so much fun he won't even notice I'm gone.

Will is doing a few new things. First he is sort of dancing. When we tell him to "dance" he bobs his head back and forth. No bouncing or anything, just nodding his head in a gansta kind of way. Also, I noticed that he seemed to want to signal more b/c he grabbed my hands everytime I did it. I was thinking that maybe he just didn't know how to do that, so I taught him to clap for more & he is doing it! When I ask if he wants more, he'll clap once or twice. It's so precious. It's the wrong signal, but I don't care. I'm sure the Babywise mom would frown on me. Actually, I'm sure she'd frown on most of what I do. - I just gave my son a bottle and put him straight to bed. GASP! Plus I rocked him to sleep twice today! I know, just horrible. ;)

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