Saturday, February 6, 2010

Keeping me on my toes!

This kid is really everywhere these days! I'm so glad he's able to get around and explore on his own without me, but I really have to watch him (You're thinking, "Duh!") He is into everything, onto everything, and can get himself into some pretty unsafe situations. I honestly think he is super active, more than the average baby. He never wants to just sit still & is constantly on the go. The past couple of days he has finally decided that he would rather do the traditional crawl instead of the army crawl. He's doing it more and more- which I'm excited about, but his poor little knees are so red. He can't crawl on the wood floors if he's wearing pants b/c it's too slippery.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the last couple of days.
Climbing on the wall and the carpet cleaner.
Trying to get my camera. (Yes, those are little boogers in his nose)
But Dad, I want to play with your amp too!
I was wondering when he'd discover how much fun it is to play under the table. My brother and I used to play under there all the time and even colored on the underside of Mom's table. He pulled up on one of the chairs...
and then bumped his head. Sad little thing just stood there and cried while his mean Momma took pictures. I got him out right after this, don't worry.

I'm already predicting years of bruises, bumps, and tears (from me!) as this boy keeps getting bigger and more mobile. Lord, help me!

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