Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One month photo shoot

When Will was born we wanted to get some photos taken of him. Unfortunately one of our photographer friends was getting ready for her own baby and the other one was in Singapore, so we had to wait about a month to get his pictures taken. When our friend Danny Clark got back from Singapore, we had him come over and take Will's pictures. He hadn't shot a newborn before, but he did such a great job! I am so pleased that I have these to remember the little guy. He has changed so much already. (Side note: Will spit up twice, pooped once, and peed three times during the shoot- one of the pee streams even got Danny!) Here are some of the pictures Danny took:

so beautiful


TXSkipper said...

I didn't know Danny was a photographer! He did such a great job! What wonderful pictures to have for posterity.

Haley said...


Meghan DeHart said...

those are great!!