Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Why didn't anyone tell us that babies are a lot of work?!  -Please know I'm kidding-  We have been so busy, but having so much fun getting to know this little boy.  He is definitely his own person and is starting to let us know what he likes and absolutely does not.  We are starting to try and figure out his schedule.  His sleeping is getting better- we haven't had anymore 1 hour stretches lately- thank goodness!  On Sunday he was 8 weeks old.  He is beginning to smile more, but not consistently and then most times is smiling at the oddest things.  For instance, he just loves looking at our headboard and will just smile so big at it.  I never thought I'd be saying I'm jealous of a headboard!  Of course, I can't compete with the window or ceiling fan either, but I'm working on it.  

He is getting so big.  I can't believe he's already 8 weeks and at the same time I can't believe he's only 8 weeks!  He has outgrown most of his clothes and I just know he's like 13 or 14 pounds by now.  We'll see on Friday.  He is so strong and really fights to stand on his legs. ( I hope there's not any truth to that old wives' tale about that making babies bow-legged.)  His neck is very strong, but he won't lift it much at tummy time.  He only wants to focus on pushing legs.  Basically he drives his face into the ground and grunts as he pushes those little fat legs.  I'm trying to help him push up, but he doesn't really want to.  Hopefully that will get better.  I started letting him sit in the Bumbo a bit, but know he's probably still too little.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the past few days:

Playing on his activity mat.
Thinking about smiling at Mama's crazy faces.
I think he's smiling at me, but it's probably the fan.
This smile was really at me!  So amazing!

I wanted a picture with him in his cute little shorts b/c he outgrew them before even getting to wear them. So sad.
"What is this thing you put me in?"

Propped on pillows with his fluffy hair- looks like he's doing the twist!

Sleeping with Daddy again.  Will's favorite!

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