Friday, June 26, 2009

CIO Day 1

Well it wasn't terrible at all! I'm sure it was probably a complete fluke, but Will only fought the first nap. Nap 1 took 45 minutes of crying before he went down finally. I folded laundry in the living room and turned off the monitor so I could only hear loud crying if it came to that. I realized a big mistake on my part though that probably could have saved all that crying- I put the kid down on his back when usually he sleeps on his side. I will save that adjustment for later, one thing at a time.

And that was it! Both naps 2 &3 had 0 minutes of crying! He went down right away and slept for 2 hours each time. There was no fourth nap today b/c we were at Danny and Christina's and he just would not go to sleep. I figured I'd spare them a cry it out session.

Here are some pics from yesterday's naps (I know only the grandparents will be interested!). Also, I know babies are not supposed to have any stuffed animals near them, but I learned that if I put the bear between his arms then he can't knock the paci out. I keep a very close eye on him and take it away once he's more settled and the arms are thrashing around.
Notice the arms in motion... we've been doing lots of batting practice!
Look who's learning to suck his thumb! Not sure if I'm going to encourage this or not.
Not quite asleep yet. Look at that rooster tail hair!