Friday, October 2, 2009

5 Months

This is the official 5 month post. Our boy is just growing so fast... and so big I might add. Everywhere we go (and I mean everywhere), people ask how old he is and then follow that with, "Oh my, he's a big boy!" Yes, we know, he is very big. I'm sure he's over 20 lbs by now and probably still over 95% for length. He's our chubby bunny and we love him more with every ounce! Everyday he is learning and changing so much. Of course I wish one of those changes would be learning to sleep.. at night.. during the day.. just sleep! Nevertheless, we are thankful that we have a happy, healthy boy.

His most recent accomplishments include:
sort of sitting of by himself
drinking from a sippy cup
eating avacado (sweet potato is next)
reaching for Momma
transferring objects from one hand to the other
a deeper sounding "aahh" and "waa" (we still have the soprano squeal though!)
First camping trip

Outside the tent at our church family camping trip Will's first morning after sleeping in a tent!


kh123 said...

We get "they are 4 and 5, oh they are so tiny!" also "are they twins?" I'm considering making them t-shirts that say "no, we are not twins". On our cruise last spring Chad got tired of everyone asking so he just started saying yes!

Meghan DeHart said...

he still looks tired!