Thursday, September 24, 2009


Baby is napping...maybe only for a minute, so I'll have to post really quick!
We turned 5 months last Saturday and have had lots of firsts. I'd like to eat before he wakes up too, so this is short!
First cool weather meant wearing our first jacket!
So chubby!
First Cowboys game with Dad!

My 10 year high school reunion!
First trip to the zoo!

First high chair! We have outgrown the infant carrier and moved into a bigger car seat. It makes things a bit difficult b/c we can't sit in the infant seat in the grocery store or in a restaurant, but we still have trouble sitting up. We are going to have to learn quick!

Reading before bed with Dad. Get a look at those fat legs... yes, we feed him cream.


Meghan DeHart said...

he is too cute!! i love the pictures!

The Rhodes' said...

He is so cute! So glad we got to meet him in person!