Monday, September 14, 2009


I had never heard of it. Apparently Will has the Roseola Virus. So we missed our third Sunday of church in a row (not all b/c of the virus) and are continuing to be shut ins since it's supposed to be highly contagious. The poor little guy has been running fevers, very fussy, and is covered in red spots from the tips of his tiny toes to his "man-child" combover. Having a sick baby is exhausting! My respect for all moms I know (mine especially!) grows immensely each day. We are up all night, nursing more frequently, and just not content to sit by ourselves right now. Praise to God that he finally just went down for a nap. Hopefully it will be a good and long one- for him and me!

I'm really praying that this clears up by Friday. We are supposed to be going to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend in Abilene, but if he's not better we'll have cancel.

So if anyone out there is wondering... I'm still alive.

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