Wednesday, October 14, 2009

These are the days!

We have just been having the best time with our boy! He is at such a fun age and is growing up so much! (quite literally, if you've seen him lately you understand)

Will is really doing better at night too. We have started to let him cry it out- not scream for hours unsupervised, but cry for short intervals before going to comfort him. I really hated the idea and it went against every motherly instinct I have, but we tried everything else and nothing worked. So now I am a believer! He went from waking 10-15 times a night to sleeping all the way and sometimes still only waking once or twice! Praise God! Seriously- it is a huge answer to prayer! We were at a breaking point, but are so thankful he figured it out.

He is laughing so much more and we think trying to talk to us. He just yells at Dex, trying to get his attention, but Dex wants nothing to do with him. We've been introducing him to purees lately-avacado, banana, sweet potato, and pears. I know a lot of people say not to do sweet fruits until much later, but the book I'm using suggests them first and the author claims her kids still ate the veggies. I guess we'll see. Hmmm... what else is doing this week....He is not sitting up on his own or moving around the floor yet, besides rolling. I think he will probably do things late and I will have to relax about it. He smiled late, coo'd late, rolled late, pushed up late (according to books and other babies I know) . He'll do things when he's ready I guess. He has started sucking his fingers more, taking out and putting the paci back in, pulling on his ears (pretty sure just b/c he's found them), and likes shuffling his shoes together to make sounds.- I know it's all very fascinating!

Anyway, here are a few pics of some recent events and just random things:

Mimi and Pa came for a visit! I think they both were spared from a shower in Will's spit up this time! A miracle!
Little newsie!
Time with Uncle Jason
Playing with Aunt Johanna and Uncle Jason
This is too funny! After the zoo, we found him like this, looking through the crib bars. Only it was better at first b/c his hair was hanging out through the bars and he was holding onto a bar with his hand. It was hilarious!

We took Will to the Fort Worth Zoo for the first time. He really didn't look at any animals, except for one swimming turtle, but Steven and I love the zoo, so we had a good time anyway.

In front of the monkeys

He just loves his baths! He laughs and kicks and splashes! The entire bathroom and whoever is bathing him ends up completely soaked, but it's too great to make him stop.

I got his five month pics back from Target and will post those soon. They are really cute and he just looks like the chubbiest baby on the planet. I got a little worried yesterday when I saw a story on the news about a family who was denied insurance on their 4 month old b/c he was too fat. Yikes! I believe his weight was the same as Will's... I mean look at that tub pic ... at least he's happy and healthy!

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