Friday, December 5, 2008


So it finally found me- the "tagging".  

8 shows I love to watch- Grey's Anatomy (terrible, I know), Heroes, 24, Fringe, Terminator, Jon & Kate, Law & Order, The Office

8 Favorite Restaurants- Rio Mambo, Chili's, Pappasitos, Texas de Brazil, Bethany in Arlington (thanks to the Clarks!), Olive Garden, On the Border, P.F. Changs

8 Things that happened today- taught reading, gave a spelling test, gave a math test, made a penguin bulletin board, glittered names on some stockings, ate a 20 min school lunch, took like 25 restroom breaks, helped kids with cinquain poetry

8 things I'm looking forward to- going out to eat tonight, seeing a movie tonight, spending time with my husband, finding out whether we are having a boy or girl in 10 days, choosing a name for that boy or girl, registering for baby stuff, delivering a healthy baby, getting to be a mommy!

8 things on my wishlist- for the next 10 days to pass like lightning, Christmas, snow this winter, a strong healthy baby, 4D ultrasound, pants that fit, comfy new pjs, a gameboy advance (i just love games and we can't afford a DS)

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