Saturday, December 6, 2008


Last night we went to see the movie Australia with Shad and Haley.  I had been wanting to see it, but right before I had two people tell me it was a "snoozer".  So I was a little worried that we were in for three hours and $18 worth of boredom.  Let me just say I was so pleasantly surprised!  The beginning was a little slow, but necessary to build the story.  By the end, Haley and I were both crying.  It was such a wonderful story!  Having actors that actually have Australian accents made it so much more authentic as well.  Romance, action, history, and a beautiful backdrop.  Anyway, if you were thinking about seeing this movie- you definitely should.  The Lentz's give it two thumbs up!


Brian said...

Thanks for the review Ebert. I asked your fellow-movie-goer Haley, what the movie was about and all she could say was, "Australia!"

Haley said...