Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a Boy!

Meet our son!  We are just so excited!  Can't believe we saw our little boy today!  I was so nervous and anxious going in, knowing we would be finding out not only the sex, but about the development of our baby.  The doctor said everything looks great and has no concerns so far.  

It was so cool b/c the ultrasound tech decided that since the baby was in such a good position she'd go a ahead and flip the monitor over to the 4D view!  We got to see his sweet face and little hands moving all over.  He kept covering his eyes with his hands.  It looks like he has my nose.  We got a good look at the feet- definitely the long Lentz toes!  

We both really like the name Will, and since Steven has already posted that name on Facebook, I guess that's probably what it will be.  William Reid Lentz.  For now.   

We are so grateful and are praising God!  We are incredibly blessed and love our little boy so much already!


Hurricane Happenings said...

yay!! that's great!!! we are so excited for you all!!! i love the name too!!

Father In law said...
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Dad said...

That's my Granson!!!!! Do you believe that! Mom and I are going to have a Granbaby. Mon and I are so excited. Kristie we love you and Steven so much, you three are such a blessing. Thank you. Dad

Abby said...

Yippeee!!!!! Congrats!