Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only 3 more weeks!!!

December 16th is the big day when we will find out whether we will have a son or a daughter!  What a crazy thought.  I mean, we have one right now, we just don't know what it is... and getting tired of saying "it".  We had an appointment yesterday and everything went great.  We heard that sweet little heartbeat.  It was at 150, which our doctor said was "perfect".  It's so surreal when you are listening to that fast "whoosh-whooshing".  We know there's a baby in there, but when you hear it's heart beating- reality hits you in a whole new, precious, holy cow- kind of way.  I was sick throwing up last night and then again this morning, but I always feel better afterwards.  I guess that's just something that will happen from time to time.  Not fun, but if that's what it takes...   

Steven is driving to DBU right now to drop off some canned goods so he can get his library fines forgiven.  We won't even get started on my library fines... let's just say I won't be using the Burleson public library or Fort Worth library for awhile.  (videos do not have the same late fee as books just so you know!  and yes, they were being used at school)  After he gets back, we are going to pack up and head to my parent's house.  We will spend Thanksgiving there.  I can't wait.  Eat, watch tv, sleep in the living room, and repeat.  Perfect.  

Friday we will head to Belton to spend some time with Steven's parents and his brother's family.  We don't get to see them enough.  It's always a nice, relaxing time for us.  Plus, I know Steven is looking forward to his mom's pumpkin pie.

Hopefully the next few days will pass slowly. After that though, bring on the time warp- I just can't wait until the 16th!  I'm still feeling boy... but we'll see!


Rick said...

OK, I am just getting the blog address. Congrats on the baby. Hope "it" looks like Christi. I always told people who asked if it was a boy or girl that "It is a baby." You can't really tell for several months anyway. Unless of course you have the misfortune of changing the poopy diaper. Concerning Cinco de Mayo, should the baby be born on that day, a boy should be Poncho and a girl would be Ponchita. Hope all is well with you.

Sarah said...

just an FYI, if you hadn't already heard from my mom, Cinco de Mayo is my birthday! It's a great day to have a baby :)

Congratulations :D