Monday, November 14, 2011


I cannot tell you enough how much Swagbucks has helped the Lentz's out!  We have used our earnings to buy diapers, wipes, and last month we bought a new garbage disposal b/c ours went out.  What a blessing!  Between Steven and I, we have earned about $130 in Amazon gift cards.  That is a lot of free money!

For tips on how to use Swagbucks, see this post.

Below are screen snapshots of both mine and Steven's gift card balances!  I'm tellin' ya- it's legit!

Here is my referral link:

Sign up and let me know if you get some sweet stuff besides stinky ol' diapers!


Melodie said...

mine is slow going, but it's going . . .

Kristie said...

get ya some referrals! And do some of the free trial special offers, just cancel after three days