Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swagbucks Tips!

I earned another gift card yesterday!  It took me 8 days to earn it.  That's really exciting to me.  I am really considering using the money to buy some sewing supplies and not diapers... I'm a rebel.

Anyway, I thought I'd give a little more explanation on how you will start to rack up some points.

1.  Searches- Visit the site, look up anything that comes to your mind.  Seriously, sometimes I type "sesame street", "8 week old baby", or "two year old is driving me bananas"... anything that comes to my brain.  Usually it takes no more than 10 searches to win a few bucks.  You can do this 2-3 a day, just wait a few hours in between searches.  I do it when I get up and then again before I go to bed.

2.  Daily Poll- just gives you one, but it's better than 0.

3.  NOSO- No Obligation Special Offers- Just click through these, skip through each offer, and you'll get 2 bucks.

4.  Swag Codes- these are special little codes worth around 10 bucks that TSG (The Swag Guy/Gal) hides on the site or blog or facebook page.  I glance at this site every now and then to see if there's a code out there.  Usually people will be talking about it on the facebook page if there is one.

5. REFERRALS!- This is the best way.  Get your spouse, children, friends, relatives... anyone to sign up under you.  You will receive points every time they do for searches.  So when Steven wins 10, I get 10.  For intstance, if 5 people under me get 10 each day, that equals 50 a day.  At least.  That means it will only take me 9 days to get a $5 Amazon gift card.  If I did that every 9 days for a year, that would be $200 on Amazon!  Some people pay for Christmas with this money.  You can find your referral link under "Promote" and then "Banners".

There are great tips and explanations on the facebook discussions page.

And... again... here is my referral link:


Good luck swagging!

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