Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cry It Out- Take 2

So with Will I really stressed about how to get him to sleep.  I tried EVERYTHING.  We tried crying it out, but probably started too late.  Who knows.. I do know that boy is determined.  He would cry for hours.  He would sweat, turn red, spit up, scream, and seem to be on the verge of hyperventilating.  I just couldn't take it.  We gave up.   I probably didn't do it right.   I just know that he was tired, I was tired, and when I put him in my bed we both slept.

Now we have a 2.5 year old who doesn't sleep.  He never slept from the very beginning so maybe it's just him.  But then again maybe it's b/c I've done it all wrong.  I'll be the first to admit I'm just doing what I can to survive.  We haven't had many nights of uninterrupted sleep in 2.5 years.  He doesn't fall asleep until after 9, gets up a couple times a night (occasionally not), and then wakes up at 6ish. Sometimes he does sleep until 7, but not lately.  This morning it was 5:30.  5:30.  That means when the time change comes it will be 4:30.   Those are not healthy sleep habits.  I should be more tired than I am, but somehow I've adjusted.  I do miss the sleep though.

So now we have another chance with baby number two.  She is beginning to not sleep during the day.  She's just not napping or staying asleep and becoming very fussy b/c she's so tired.  The first two months were so easy, she just laid there and then fell asleep.  Will never did that.  Things are changing with her and I can't have a crying baby who doesn't sleep and a cranky toddler who doesn't sleep.  I will lose my mind.


I am trying CIO again.  Pray for my heart.  I am way too sensitive for this business and it really kills me to hear her cry at all.  I know this plan is supposed to work so I need to give it a shot.  For her future sleep habits and the possibility of me getting some sleep someday too.

Her eyes are closed.  Paci is in.  .... ooooh no... eyes cracked open... please go to sleep.... please go to sleep....  crying.  arrggg

Pray for sleep!!!


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Melodie said...

i'm so sorry. that's rough. holden was an easy sleeper. we did let him cry some, but he kind of naturally fell into the routine we were aiming for. then pax was a different story. he wasn't as easy. we definitely had to "train" him more. in his defense there were alot of changes going on in his life and in our fam. we moved twice and lived in an apartment for 2 months where i couldn't let him cry much because of neighbors. so right after he turned 4 months and we were in our house, i bit the bullet and did it. i was tired at that point and needed the uninerrupted sleep. i don't remember much about it, but i do remember that he was stubborn. but now he is a super-duper sleeper (12 hours minimum at night and 2-3 at naptime). a lady just came to our mops group last week and talked about getting your little ones to sleep. she is a night nanny so mothers can sleep through the night. heavenly, right? anyways, she says it takes 3 days for them to break a habit. so 3 nights of crying and you should be golden. i don't know. that's what she says. i'll be taking pax's paci away in the next few weeks and i'm hoping 3days is all it takes. good luck to you! sorry for the long message!

A walk with the Browns said...

Don't feel bad. I know...says the girl thats been a mom for a month. Dont get me started about Babywise.....well I guess I already went there with my blog post. Anyway, now I'm reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" and it makes more sense to me, I could give you a full reveiw on both books, I guess thats the grad student in me:) Anyway, the doctor who wrote this suggests for overtired, overstimulated babies to put them to bed earlier. I know it sounds weird at first, but it makes sense. They can then get the rest they need and are less cranky and stubborn about bedtime.
Micah sleeps really good at night(for 1 month ) but stinks at naps. I started putting him in his room, instead of downstairs in the pack and play, for naps and he's doing a lot better. Not fabulous but better.